LENSAR Laser Cataract Surgery

lensarAs a Cataract Center of Excellence, Wallace Eye Associates has built its reputation on giving patients throughout CENLA access to the latest breakthroughs in cataract care. This includes advances in lens implant technology, cataract diagnostics and now our blade-free LENSAR laser cataract surgical procedure.

Our LENSAR laser procedure is a technological breakthrough in precision, accuracy and safety for today’s cataract patients. Laser cataract surgery allows us to perform a more gentle cataract procedure and is a more efficient way of fragmenting the cataract and reducing the amount of energy needed to remove the cataract.  The LENSAR laser procedure is surgeon-directed, computer-controlled and allows for added precision during surgery. This means patients can return to their normal activities sooner.

This LENSAR laser technology allows us to take an already safe procedure and make it even better by adding a new level of precision and predictability that is simply not possible with traditional manual cataract surgery. Dr. Wallace and Dr. Irshad are among the top 10% of surgeons in the United States to offer patients the safety, precision and accuracy of the LENSAR Laser System.

Correcting Your Astigmatism

At Wallace Eye Associates, we specialize in the treatment of Astigmatism. Cataract patients who choose NOT to have their Astigmatism corrected during surgery will most likely require prescription glasses after surgery. With our LENSAR system, we can now correct your astigmatism with more precise and predictable laser-guided application.